JTRE and Incheba hit out against process for choosing new congress center

Robert McLean

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J&T Real Estate (JTRE) and Incheba have complained about the process through which the state is choosing the location for its new cultural and congress center (OZ NKKC). A working group established to settle the matter recommended Novy Istropolis, a project by the developer Immocap. The Ministry of Finance’s Value for Money department (UHP) audited the findings.

JTRE has proposed its project Nove Lido in Petržalka as the best option for a new congress center. Together with the other short-listed bidder Incheba, it complained that the purpose of the commission was supposed to be determine whether a new congress center was necessary and which parameters it should meet (not where and with whom to build it). Both also claim their bids would require a lower level of public money for completion than Immocap. “The whole process of preparation of the NKKC project has lacked public control from the beginning,” writes JTRE in a press release. “The state had no representation in the working group and the members did not include a local government representative.”

Immocap director Martin Šramko called the attacks unfair. “We reject the comments of our competitors who were unsuccessful in the judgement of the Value for Money Department and who rather than giving an expert and detailed presentation of their solutions resorted to unfounded attacks,” he said. He added that he was prepared to present the quality and preparedness of his company’s project in a public and transparent manner at any time.


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