Passerinvest buys ŘSD headquarters from Simona Otavová


Robert McLean

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Passerinvest has completed the acquisition of the the ŘSD building at  Čerčanská 2023/12 in Prague 4 from the businesswoman Simona Otavová. She’s held the building in her portfolio since 2018, but agreed to sell it in an off-market transaction that took two months to conclude. “In a time of volatile inflation and interest rates, we’ve accelerated our strategy of investing in key pieces of real estate in Brumlovka and its surroundings,” says Passerinvest’s development director Eduard Forejt. The newly acquired administrative building will fit in perfectly with our portfolio since the long-term leases to a state organization provides us an income with a high level of security.” The Czech Highway Authority (ŘSD) handles the construction and maintenance of all the highways and motorways in the Czech Republic. Simona Otavová is an active player on the real estate market with numerous commercial and residential projects. She owns several properties both in Prague and in Marbella, Spain and became a co-owner in the Czech real estate agency Lexxus last year. Wilsons advised the vendor on legal matters.

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