Passerinvest enters new era with Roztyly Plaza office project

Robert McLean

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Passerinvest’s top management was on hand yesterday for a foundation stone laying ceremony for new office Roztyly Plaza. Founder, Radim Passer, CEO Martin Unger along with Sales Director Lenka Preslová all came out to mark the occasion. It’s a huge moment for the company, whose development activities had focused until yesterday exclusively on the BB Centrum project, now called Brumlovka.

But it’s also a big deal for the brownfield area between the Roztyly metro station and the T-Mobile headquarters building. For years, the land has sat dormant, a ridiculous state of affairs given the presence of the metro station for over 30 years. It wasn’t for lack of effort. Passerinvest spent the last 15 years trying to push through planning changes. Radim Passer thanked members of the local municipal representation who attended the cornerstone event but criticized the City of Prague for endless delays in making changes to the master plan. He noted that the state budget is cheated out of billions of crowns in tax revenues each year by planning delays.

Roztyly Plaza is a 21,700 sqm office building whose employees will have to walk just 30 meters from the metro to get to its main entrance. Lenka Preslová confirmed that SCS Software would be the building’s first key anchor tenant. It should be able to move in at the beginning of 2024. Construction work actually got underway some time ago, meaning that an enormous foundation pit has already been exposed. The developer is currently working on permits for an adjacent, larger office building called Sequoia though it will time the beginning of construction to progress on leasing Roztyly Plaza.

Ultimately, according to Martin Unger, Passerinvest will complete this new city district with an additional 600 flats (including rental units), a nursery school, playgrounds and sports facilities. Passer told the small group that assembled for the ceremony that while he’d held an architectural competition for the new building, the design eventually went to Aulík Fišer architekti (responsible for most everything in Brumlovka).

Jan Aulik noted that Passer had entrusted him with the design of Building C in Brumlovka where Hewlett Packard had agreed to establish its headquarters. “That was a breakthrough project that sparked the renewal of an urban brownfield site,” he said. “Now we stand here in Roztyly for the beginning of construction of another catalyst for change.” He said it was irresponsible to have let such a location go undeveloped for so long. “Metro stations are the highest capacity form of public transportation that have huge construction costs. They should never be built on undeveloped land.”

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