Passerinvest prepares Roztyly Community Center for Ukrainian refugees


Robert McLean

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Passerinvest has built the Roztyly Community Center, a temporary modular structure that’s been set up for use by Ukrainian mothers and children. It’s been equipped to be able to offer space for child care, socializing, education and as a contact point for support programs. Passerinvest cooperated on the project with Prague 11 and the Help Ukraine Foundation, which will take over the center’s operation and management. In all, the 26 modular cells cost more than CZK 8 million to procure, transport and to carry out landscaping for. It’s expected to be operational by the end of April, with work having begun at the end of March. “We’re moved by the current events in Ukraine and we feel an intense need to help,” says Passerinvest’s technical director Martin Unger. He also thanked several other companies for their cooperation on the project, including GEMO, Koma Modular, Pronto Elektro Praha, Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, and Ateliér A800.

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