Tétris has appointed Tomáš Pfeifer to the role of Creative Director for the EMEA region. The move is obviously a promotion, but it’s also part of a larger organizational shift in the company intended to support a rebranding and repositioning of the company. The idea is to strengthen Tétris’s profile as a global company while emphasizing a far greater emphasis on the design portion of its design and build activities. Pfeifer says that whereas Tétris has been known through its individual local teams, the new changes will build on a high level of cooperation between teams that had already developed.

“In his new position Tomáš will lead projects across our design studios in EMEA region,” says Lucie Loudová, director of Tétris in the Czech Republic. “He will identify creative interior design approach for our exclusive clients and create conceptual space where people can live better. He will also focus on innovations, trends and strategies supporting clients decisions and local design teams.”

Along with creating an EMEA-level creative director position, Tétris has developed an entire library of imagery to be used across the entire organization in order to communicate a unified style and approach to design. “We want to present our design work more than construction, because we understand design to be something that connects the world and makes it more understandable,” says Pfeifer. “Our new motto is that we create design you can feel.”

The company’s focus on design couldn’t come at a more opportune time, given the re-thinking of workspaces that’s currently underway and the concerns over health. “The function of the office is changing,” says Pfeifer. “It’s a meeting and brainstorming hub. It’s the space which connects employees into the community around the brand. That’s where I see the main job of the design.”

Pfeifer is filling one of the three EMEA creative director positions that have been newly created (the other two directors live in Amsterdam and London). Along with communicating the company’s strategy to clients around the region, Pfeifer will get involved in preparing and presenting pitches with the local teams. This should prove useful when Tétris is competing for work from local branches of global corporations. But he insists the company will compete for orders from all types of clients. “A good architect or designer can work with any budget,” says Pfeifer. “We’ve had companies who had generous budgets but also companies that had to be more careful. There’s no space that doesn’t need design.”


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