CTP N.V. achieved a low-risk score of 11.0 in its first-ever ESG Risk rating as carried out by Sustainalytics. The ESG Risk score measures the degree to which the enterprise value of a company is exposed to material financial impacts from ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors. Results between 10-20 are considered to be “Low Risk”, meaning that CTP was on the extremely low end of the “low risk” category. (0-10 are classified as “Negligible Risk”) It also received a rating of “Strong” for its ESG Management practices. In 2020, Sustainalytics validated CTP’s green bond framework, clearing the way for it to issue the ecologically-minded method of financing. ” Since issuing the compa-ny’s first Green Bond, CTP further invested in professionalising the social and governance aspects of ESG throughout the company, which positively impacted the ratings result from Sustainalytics,” said Jan-Evert Post, head of Funding & Investor Relations at CTP N.V. She said the company’s rating system ranked CTP 49th out of 1,027 real estate companies and 198th out of 13,733 corporations it had audited. CTP is currently being evaluated to determine if it’s met its goal of achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2021.


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