The Polish property company DL Invest Group has begun a pilot project involving the introduction of bee hives to its warehouse and logistics investments. The first five hives have been installed at its DL Invest Park Psary, but more are to follow in the company’s other warehouses as well as on the roofs of office projects such as DL Piano in Katowice and its DL Tower office building, now under construction.
Tomasz Saternus, Project Manager at DL Invest Group says the program should highlight the important role bees play in the local environment, supporting the growth of fruit trees and shrubs. He said locations for bees would be selected on the basis of the local microclimate and on their ability to have a positive impact on the external environment of its buildings. The hives will be tended to by experienced beekeepers.

“The adoption of bee colonies is the next step in our DL Green program, whose goals are to ensure a positive impact of our investments on the external environment,” said CEO Dominik Leszczyński.
DL Invest and DHL formed a joint venture to complete the development of DL Invest Park Psary, which has to be equipped with sustainable solutions in accordance with DHL’s GoGreen policy. DHL is acting as investor in the project, while DL Invest Group will be for general contracting and management of the implementation process. Construction is due to begin soon on the project, which is located just north of Wroclaw and Amazon has been announced as one of its tenants. DL Invest is active across Poland but especially in the Silesian area with projects in logistics and industrial, office and retail parks. The company currently has more than €300 million under management, a figure it expects to rise to over €500 million by 2024.

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