New Podcast episode! Nick Cotton (C&W Ukraine) on fleeing Kyiv

Robert McLean

#cee, #proptech, #development a #architecture

Many people in Central Europe have heard how Nick Cotton was forced to flee Kyiv after the Russians invaded Ukraine over a month ago. In this episode of ThePrime Pod, you can hear his story first-hand, as I was able to speak with the head of Cushman & Wakefield Ukraine from the flat in Budapest where he’s now staying. It’s an emotional story full of dilemmas and shattered hopes. Will he ever see his flat again and everything he left behind? What will become of the other members of his team who left? And those who stayed? It’s too early to know the answers to such questions.

You can listen to the episode on Spotify using this link. Or on the player below. Also available on Apple Podcasts and other platforms.



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