CEE scores big in global manufacturing destination rankings

Robert McLean

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CEE came bounding closer to the front of the line in Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Manufacturing Risk Index 2022. Slovakia surged ahead from 26th to 12th position, right behind Hungary which improved to 11th. Poland moved up from 10th to 6th place, leapfrogging the Czechs who slipped to 8th position (from 5th). “Judging by their position at the top of the ranking, CEE countries can be expected to remain very attractive for industrial and manufacturing investment,” says C&W’s head of industrial Jíří Kristek. “CEE countries are gaining ever greater importance in terms of global demand for manufacturing destinations.” Poland benefited from chepaer labor and electricity prices, among the lowest in CEE.

Kristek put a positive light on the three positions lost by the Czechs. “The great news is that, in spite of the current negative climate, the Czech Republic remains at the top of the list of countries whose manufacturing sector is thriving.”

For all the talk of nearshoring, however, it’s worth nothing that China and India retained their positions atop the listing. Asia dominated the ranking, which gives equal importance to a country’s operating conditions and cost competitiveness. Of the top 12 locations, half are in APAC, particularly due to their abundant supply of low-cost labor.


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