Companies ordered to test unvaccinated employees


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With daily infection numbers now breaking all previous records, the outgoing Czech government has announced a new series of measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. As in Austria and in Bavaria, the new measures have been designed to ramp up the pressure on the unvaccinated, without go so far as a full lockdown for everyone. There are currently 110,000 active cases of the disease. On the three previous occasions that total cases exceeded that number, the government declared full lockdowns.

Only people who have completed vaccinations (or recent Covid-19 convalescents) will be allowed to go to bars, restaurants, cultural events and other non-essential destinations. They will also be eligible for up to five free PCR tests per month, while the cheaper and less accurate antigen tests will no longer be recognized for such purposes.

unvaccinated employees

The number of unvaccinated people in intensive care is rising rapidly

All companies and organizations will have to carry out antigen tests of their unvaccinated employees, but the state has agreed to cover the costs. A decision is due to be made whether vaccinated employees over the age of 60 will have to be tested. Schools are remaining open (meaning that parents can continue to go to work) but students will have at least two more rounds of testing. (Only those who test positive will have to self-isolate). Event organizers have been warned that if they fail to enforce vaccination requirements, events could simply be banned.

The new measures are scheduled to remain in place until mid-February of next year and have apparently been announced in cooperation with the incoming government. The future health minister’s only objection to them was that he refuses to call it the “Bavarian” model. This marketing label just always just bit of sugar to help the medicine go down by making Czechs realize that even mature European democracies were resorting to such draconian measures.

The government is clearly betting on the ability to vaccines to help prevent deaths due to Covid-19. It’s using current statistics to justify the move: There were 57 unvaccinated 40-49 year olds in intensive care according to a recent count, compared to just 4 vaccinated in that age group. The ratio was 53:8 for 50-59 year-olds, an age group where 72% are fully-vaccinated (which means that the unvaccinated are 18-times more likely to end up in intensive care).

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