Karlin Group and PPF Real Estate join forces on residential

Robert McLean

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PPF Real Estate and Karlin Group are planning residential projects worth around CZK 4 billion in the Czech Republic. E15 spoke with PPF RE’s director Jiří Tošek, who says the company began looking for other opportunities after successes in Romania. “The decision was for residential properties in the Czech Republic, where we’ve been rather cautious so far,” he said. Their first joint project is a Prague 7 scheme called Simply Holešovice with more than 200 flats, while the second is also close to Karlin Group’s traditional Prague 8 stomping ground: Na Košince in Libeň. Karlin Group’s Serge Borenstein said he’d spoken with PPF’s late founder Petr Kellner about working on projects together a couple of decades ago.  “In the end, it was after his death that we made a deal when a company from PPF acquired Forum Karlin.”

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