Government pressured to kill construction law amendment

Robert McLean

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Everyone who is anyone in the world of construction and real estate is demanding that the government call off today’s negotiations on the current version of the new construction law. They’re warning that it won’t do anything to improve the one thing that actually matters: shortening the time it takes to get a construction permit. Instead, it will simply create more bureaucracy, warn representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Industrial and Transportation Union and the Czech Chamber of Architects. According to Tomáš Kadeřábek, director of the Association of Developers, it could actually make things worse in some ways. The Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartoš is apparently feeling the pressure, but dismisses the complaints. He claims it’s coming from the same groups that supported the previous version of the law approved by the previous government.

For one thing, as it stands, the new law would revoke the Prague Construction Regulations, which is basically a special set of rules by which the capital (and other major cities) can develop. For example, Prague planners politicians and planners are preparing changes to the regulations that would allow residential developers to reduce the number of parking places they have to build. The current rules don’t just add to the final price of projects, but in some cases make them uneconomical to build at all.

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