Prague extends PDS’s investment committee term of office

Published: 12. 02. 2024

The Prague City Council has extended through 2026 the term of office of Martin Bendík, Jaromír Hainc, Martin Hvězda, Lukáš Kohl and Miroslav Singer at the Investment Expert Committee of the Prague Development Company (IEV PDS). The IEV advises PDS on potential risks and strategies in meetings that occur twice annually.

“The council’s decision-making process for approving investment costs. They are one of the guarantees of the quality and overall efficiency required by the city for its projects,” says Petr Hlaváček, Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague, who drove the founding of PDS in 2020.

PDS director Petr Urbánek explained that the group “has provided its worth over the past three years,” providing valuable advice from a legal (Martin Bendík), urban planning (Jaromír Hainc) and budget and project management perspective (Martin Hvězda). Lukáš Kohl advises PDS on architecture, development and real estate analysis. The company’s mission is to increase the value of city-owned real estate assets. PDS has been given responsibility for more than 700,000 sqm of land owned by the City of Prague on which it should build up to 8,000 flats over the next ten years.


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