Stefan de Goeij returns to CTP with ESG focus

Robert McLean

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Stefan de Goeij has returned to CTP after a two-year stint at Avison Young’s Prague office. Prior to leaving CTP in 2021, de Goeij spent a decade at the company as its Group Head of Property Management and Group Sustainability Officer. This time, it’s the sustainability angle that’s brought him back into the fold and so he’s been named ESG and Energy Lead at CTP. “I returned to CTP because I firmly believe the company can make a major contribution towards achieving the EU’s sustainability targets in the existential battle against climate change,” he said.

The path to achieving this will come through its renewable energy investments, water and waste management and the reduction of embodied carbon in the materials supply chain (especially by maximizing recycling).

“This will also require a strong focus on ESG data collection in property management and the software tools to analyse it. As we work through these processes, we will also be in a much better position to support the occupiers of our CTParks in reaching their own net zero carbon goals.”


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