Eurovea Tower now qualifies as a skyscraper

Eurovia Tower

Robert McLean

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Even if construction no new floors were added to J&T Real Estate’s Eurovea Tower, it would still qualify officially as a skyscraper now qualifies. In CEE, the word skyscraper is often used for any highrise building that seems tall compared to its surroundings. But the actual definition of the term refers to structures of at least 150 meters and according to the Council on Tall buildings and Urban Habitat, Eurovea Tower makes Bratislava the 201st city worldwide to be able to boast of having a skyscraper. Nearby Vienna has just three, while Warsaw counts 11. By November, the structure will have risen to its final height of 168 meters, ahead of JTRE’s scheduled completion in 2023.

Work began on the foundation in 2020. Once crews finished and covered it in September, the building began rising by one floor every 11 days. A 17.4-meter crown weighing 4.7 tons will soon be placed atop the building. A digital display hung from the construction scaffolding shows the current number of completed storeys. “The construction of Eurovea Tower and the extension of Eurovea is on schedule, despite on-going construction market challenges,” says Pavel Pelikán, executive director of JTRE.

The project offers 400 residences to a city in which living in high rises has gradually become acceptable and normal. But this is clearly something different. “The opportunity to live in Slovakia’s first skyscraper immediately generated huge interest,” says Ivan Bratko, director of residential real estate sales. “Almost 90% of residences have already been sold, with the remainder to be released for sale when the building has been completed,” he said.


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