Dual Asset sponsors Sept. 1 Subscribers Mixer (Plus)

Published: 22. 08. 2022
The first Subscribers Mixer of the fall will take place on Sept 1 at the Yalta Fusion & Bar on Wenceslas Square. Dual Asset is the sponsor for this month’s edition, which features a 60-minute pre-mixer discussion group.
The well-known economist Mark Robinson (Encor Wealth) will give a 20-minute presentation on Czech asset yields, EUR funding rates, Europe’s inflation problem and how low employment is worsening the issue. He’ll also give his views on the risk recession in Europe and in the Czech Republic. He’ll be followed by Iain Fanthorpe (Bluehouse Capital) who will put forward his own views in a 20-minute Q&A session. This should leave ample time for a more open discussion between the speakers, the moderators and the audience.
At 6pm, the Subscribers Mixer begins as usual. Registered guests are welcome to attend either portion of the event, or of course both of them.
The entire event is free for subscribers. Non-subscribers can register here for CZK 500+VAT, or else subscribe to ThePrime in order to get your free access to the mixer and discussion.

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