Bezvapostele to open sales warehouse in P3 Ostrava Central

Published: 26. 02. 2024 has concluded a deal to open a sales warehouse in P3 Ostrava Central, a 60,000 sqm project whose second phase has just been completed. The building was finished last fall, ahead of the agreement which will see customers of the beds and mattresses company start arriving in August. Along with sales, the building will serve as the company’s central logistics point for its Czech and Slovak activities. P3’s head of development Aleš Zacha says the park is intended to be a place where businesses can thrive. “It is designed so that production, logistics, service, administration and sales operate side by side for tenants from diverse sectors,” he said. “We believe that this diversity, in which we see an element of sustainability, is attractive to tenants.”

Bezvapostele’s business director Vladimir Hodina said regular warehouse store facilities are ill-suited to his company’s large-sized product range. “We were looking for a warehouse space with good accessibility and sufficient capacity, and which also allow customers to view the goods while enjoying convenient parking and easy loading.” He says the company sends out up to 50 pallet shipments daily.

P3 Ostrava Central is on a brownfield site which used to house a raw material dump in Vítkovice. In the first two phases, P3 has built 60,000 m2 of business space. Greenery is being reintroduced to the site, and benches or a work-out area are available for the tenants’ employees around the buildings. It’s all part of a development plan agreed with the city of Ostrava that will re-open an area of that’s been closed to the public for decades.


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