Church puts Jindřišska Tower on sale for CZK 75 million

Robert McLean

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The real estate market is so slow at the moment that even residential sales are dragging out. But the Prague archbishopric has decided now was the right time to cash in on the Jindřišska Tower located on the street it’s named for. The church expects to bring in CZK 75 million for the property, which is going to need a lot of work. According to Jan Balik, the diocese’s official in charge of its management, the church simply doesn’t have the funds to repair buildings that it has no real use for. “It would be shameful to collect money from church goers to pay our priests and then waste it on something like that,” he told DenikN. “I’d die of shame.” He also thanked the daily for breaking the story over the weekend. “We’ve had a lot of interest because the building has gone up massively in value.”

That includes the City of Prague, whose leaders are complaining that they weren’t given priority in the sale. Balik says the city has the right like any other subject to speak with the real estate agency in charge of the sale. Asked bluntly by DenikN if the decision would come down to price alone, Balik said yes. Prague 1’s mayor Terezie Radoměřská said it would make sense for the municipality to buy it, but that this wouldn’t be possible without help from the City of Prague.

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