CTP donates €10 million to UN Refugee Agency

Published: 04. 03. 2022

CTP is the latest Central European-based property company to step up and contribute to help contend with the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine. It’s committed the enormous sum of €10 million to the UN refugee agency UNHCR to provide humanitarian support for the more than one million people, mainly women and children, who have fled the war in Ukraine into neighboring countries.

There’s been an outpouring of solidarity from the Ukraine’s western neighbors with countless organizations arranging private accommodations in homes, donating food and clothing or just providing transportation from the border. But most of the largest real estate companies are also demonstrating incredible generosity — and even creativity.

CTP is also offering financial support and vacant warehouse space to local relief agencies for emergency supplies at its parks in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – where CTP is opening the doors of apartments to refugees at one of its residential developments, and providing hotel accommodation.

“We are supporting UNHCR’s important work in this catastrophic humanitarian crisis and our thoughts go out to the many innocent people affected,” said CEO Remon Vos. “CTP’s widespread network of logistics and industrial parks in the countries neighboring Ukraine also mean we have the physical and financial resources on the ground to immediately step up and deliver support at scale to where it is urgently needed.”

UNHCR is on the ground and is committed to providing life-saving humanitarian assistance to those in need. UNHCR’s operations and capacity have been scaled up, to ensure that people forced to flee find safety and shelter. The UN agency is also providing legal services, psychosocial support and multipurpose cash assistance among other aid to refugees.

CTP’s actions include financial support for various local organizations such as People in Need (Člověk v Tisní) in the Czech Republic and the same organization in Slovakia, Člověk v núdzi. The company is also offering accommodation at its Domeq residential project in the Czech city of Brno and within the Marriott Courtyard hotels in Pilsen, Prague and Brno. Warehouse space has also been provided for a Food Bank in CTPark Ostrava in the northeast of the Czech Republic.

CTP has already provided warehouse space in Biatorbágy, Hungary and in Bucharest, Romania and has some more capacity to offer to relief organizations to support their distribution operations and storage of supplies at its Slovakian and Romanian locations.

“We know that the private sector plays a key role in stepping up and helping refugees in this emergency, and at CTP we are proud to play a part in supporting UNHCR’s response,” said Vos.


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