Fiege takes 18,000 sqm at CTPark Žatec for Nexen Tire Europe

Published: 10. 01. 2024

Fiege has taken 18,000 sqm of warehouse space at CTPark Žatec, which it will use as a regional storage and distribution center for Nexen Tire Europe. The tires will be shipped to automotive manufacturing plants across Europe from Žatec.

The lease triggered special adaptations to the warehouse as the Fiege stores the product in transport cages (as opposed to a racking system) along with different sprinkler set-ups. Fiege provides complete logistics services at CTPark Žatec for Nexen Tire Europe, which has its European production plant close by.

Fiege’s head of business development David Peterka said the deal is driven by the nearshoring trend that’s been impacting demand across Europe. “This project in CTPark Žatec is a key step in our strategy to strengthen our logistics operations in Europe and is a direct response to the growing trend of nearshoring, where companies are bringing production closer to their main markets,” he said. It’s the second time to the two companies have worked on a common project in the Czech Republic, and they’ve done business in Poland as well. “These repeated partnerships prove how effectively we can grow and develop together with our clients,” said CTP’s Jakub Kodr. “Our mutual understanding and responsiveness to FIEGE’s specific needs allows us to provide services that support their expansion.”

CTPark Žatec lies 30 km from the German border along the D8 motorway. In addition to the ZA4 building currently under construction, which has 53,000 sqm of space left available, the park offers Shell & Core ready-made space in two other buildings.


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