First Five Guys location in Prague revealed

Published: 23. 11. 2023

2023 is turning into a year of welcome upheaval on the Czech fast food scene. First, the opening of a Popeyes on Wenceslas Square had people camped out overnight to be first in line. Weeks later and the restaurant is still having to make people wait outside before they’re served. While that may have something to do with the kitchen not running at full capacity, there’s clearly an appetite for something new. And with the new chicken alternative trading nicely, competition on the burger front is on the horizon as the Five Guys chain is reportedly preparing to move into the Maj department store on Národní třída.

Amadeus Real Estate is currently reconstructing the former Tesco building, but Hospodářské noviny reports that the boutique burger chain could be one of the gastronomic attractions when it opens in May. This remains unconfirmed, for the time being, but what IS confirmed is that another Popeyes will also open in the space.

“At the moment, I can only confirm the agreement with Popeyes, with whom we have signed a contract,” the head of Amadeus Real Estate Martin Klan told HN. “We’re only in negotiations with other fast food chains about their potential locations in the Maj department store. But we don’t have contracts signed with them, which is why we can’t name them.”

Whether Five Guys can make it big in the Czech Republic remains to be seen. But that may not be the point. The up-market brand has been built on bespoke burgers and enormous quantities of large fries. The opposite, in other words, of McDonald’s.

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