Sold out!! ThePrime Real Estate Gala is tomorrow!

Published: 24. 01. 2024

ThePrime Real Estate Gala has sold out, reaching a remarkable 430 guests, including the artists whose work will be auctioned off to support the foster care NGO Rozum a Cit z.s. The moderator Petr Šimůnek (Editor in Chief of Forbes magazine in the Czech Republic and Slovakia) will call the event to order at 8pm. Doors open at 7pm for the Welcome drink, which is supported this year by Dual Asset.

The arrangements for this year’s Gala are largely the same as last year. Back by popular demand, dinner will be served buffet-style by the country’s top caterer Stones. In order to meet this year’s larger crowd (70 more than last year), an increased number of food stations will be set up on both sides of the main hall.

Charity raffle tickets are already being sold online through a quick and painless payment portal. Guests who purchase their tickets in order to avoid the rush tomorrow evening can collect their tickets upon entry. Nothing further will be required of them, so it really will be more comfortable to plan ahead (tickets cost CZK 1,000 each, with 100% of funds going directly to the NGO’s transparent account). Those who choose to buy their tickets at the event need only find hostesses who will be equipped with credit card terminals.

Three works of art will also be auctioned off for charity. Jiří Pelcl’s FCG Bowl (2017) is a gorgeous piece of glass bowl measuring 40 cm across. As an internationally recognized artist, Pelcl’s works have been exhibited around the world, including in MoMA, the New York museum of modern art. It’s a rare opportunity to see his work displayed first-hand and to present at such an auction. Pelcl’s generosity in donating at no charge part of his oeuvre is not to be underestimated. The reserve price is CZK 200,000.

And the same has to be said of the Czech artist Pasta Oner, who like last year has also displayed incredible generosity by donating his 150 x 100 cm acrylic canvas “Happy”. Pasta Oner One is one of the most prominent contemporary artists of the Czech visual scene, so it’s a real privilege to have his work included again at the Gala. The reserve price for the work is CZK 200,000, less than half what his painting sold for last year.

Alžběta Jungrová is an exciting Czech photographer who has worked abroad and is also renowned for her documentary work. Her artistic photographs are often characterized by misaligned composition and stylization through reflecting materials as textile, glass, plastic, metal, or mirrors. Such is the case in the work she has donated “In the mood for love”, a sumptuous 80 x 100 cm photograph whose reserve price has been set at CZK 80,000.

The after party should get underway by roughly 11pm. Because of the larger crowd size, the Gala will fill the entire building this time. Like last year, cocktails will of course be on offer, but only in the downstairs area (where the Welcome drink will also take place). The After Party and Gins sponsor this year is Urbanity. We invite all guests to allow our photographer to gather for group shots in front of the photowall.


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