Urbanity Campus Tachov awarded BREEAM Communities

Robert McLean

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Urbanity Campus Tachov has received a BREEAM Communities certification, something the developer’s co-founder Roland Hofman claims is a Czech first. Not only has no other urban district earned the rating, but Hofman said it’s the first such certified project anywhere in the world dominated by manufacturing. Fulfilling the requirements for the BREEAM Communities interim certification took 18 months of work. Hofman says the entire project will receive an “Excellent” level rating as will the buildings themselves.

The BREEAM Communities assessment manual is divided into three parts, covering the development principles, urban design of the project and detailed design of the buildings themselves.

Urbanity Real Estate Group’s goal is to develop brownfield projects, transforming traditional industrial production complexes into modern campuses. “At the same time, we intend to apply functional green solutions – including targeting renewable resources, sustainable technologies and blue-green infrastructure,” says Hofman. “We want to certify other upcoming projects in this way.”

Urbanity Campus Tachov is located on a 22 ha site in suburban Tachov and features production halls, offices and a central building with amenities for employees and the public. This also includes a forest park area and 60,000 sqm slated for future construction. Construction of a production hall for Eurostyle Systems has completed and will be used for the robotic production of plastic moldings.


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