CEUTP downsizes, but stays in Warsaw Spire

Published: 23. 10. 2023

CA Immo has extended a lease with Centre for EU Transport Projects (CEUTP) in Warsaw Spire C, one of two 21,000 sqm GLA towers in the 3-building complex. CEUTP will continue to occupy its offices, continuing a lease that was first agreed in 2015. What’s interesting is that the original lease encompassed 6,200 sqm. It’s unclear to what extent the reduction of space is connected with the reduced demands companies now have for office space thanks to the growing popularity of remote work. Still, despite the reduced size of the lease, CA Immo will be pleased to have retained its tenant. It supports the theory that while major organizations and companies will need somewhat less office space going forward, landlords with top-notch, well-located product will be able to fill it. Warsaw Spire C achieved an In-Use BREEAM certificate at the “Excellent” level.

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