Star Group begins work on new phase of Nové Chabry

Published: 25. 06. 2024
Star Group has begun construction on the latest phase of Nové Chabry, a new community it’s been building in Dolní Chabry – Prague 8 for the past decade. This latest phase includes 250 units in 10 apartment buildings, adding to the 620 that have already been built and sold. Permitting issues prevented Star Group from beginning work sooner. As it has since the beginning of the project, Loxia provided the design for the buildings. Asked how requirements for residential projects have changed over the last ten years, Chief architect Jana Mastiková said that outdoor public space where people can interact is now far more important. And the new phase reacts to this, creating relaxation zones and play areas between groups of buildings.

The press conference marking the beginning of construction was held in a new community center where residents can organize meeting of various kinds. It sits at one end of a future ‘linear park’ which will stretch between future rows of new apartment buildings. A bike and walking lane runs along the perimeter of the growing development that leads to an elementary school on the far end of the village.

Early sales of the new phase began at the end Star Group, which put roughly half of the units on the market at the end of last year. However, director Tal Grozner said that “pre-sales were so successful that contrary to the original plans, we decided in May to free up another 122 units. Flats from all ten of the new buildings are now on sale.” Grozner says another sign of the success of the development is that fully 10% of the units in new phases of the projects are bought by the owners of previous phases.

To add to the convenience of the growing location, Star Group built a commercial center at one end of the development, including a new restaurant. An extension of the city’s tram network is expected to begin serving the site by 2027, something Grozner said would be “a game changer.” At the press conference, journalists were shown online debate about the project in which current owners recommended it to potential new clients. “This is the highest praise we could ask for,” said Grozner.
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