Penta tops out Motel One’s new Prague hotel: Cloud One

Published: 28. 04. 2023

Penta Real Estate topped out the construction of the hotel it’s building on Hybernska street along the southwest corner of the Masaryk train station in central Prague. Motel One will operate the hotel under its new Cloud One line, with the opening expected in spring of 2024. Designed by he CZK 1.2 billion investment has been in the works already for six years.

“It’s an attractive location for hotel business, so we’re glad that we can be here,” said Astrid Schafleitner, head of development for Motel One Group. She was speaking at the topping out ceremony from atop the building, which offers remarkable views in all directions. Penta partner Marek Dospiva was also in attendance, as it offered an opportunity to view his company’s new office project building across the tracks. One of the biggest contributions the ambitious project will offer the public is a roof that allows pedestrians to walk over the tracks between Opletalova and Na Florenci. “Penta has the strength not just to build beautiful buildings, but an entire modern district,” said Dospiva. “Rather than an abandoned brownfield zone, we’re building a pleasant location around the Masaryk station for life and for business.”

The investment includes plans to reduce the volume of traffic and make it safe to pedestrians. At the moment, walking from Žižkov towards the Old Town is more for fans of adrenalin sports. Penta’s Residential David Musil and hotel director David Musil said the project was continuation in the developer’s cooperation with Motel One. “We opened our first hotel together as part of the Florentinum project in 2014,” he said. “At the time, we believed it wouldn’t be the last one.”


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