3Things: New investment at Velis, leases for P3 and CTP

Published: 28. 06. 2023
P3 Pilsen Myslinka

The first phase of’P3 Pilsen Myslinka park is now fully leased, following an agreement for Hall B with auto parts company WM Logistic Nýřany. It will be using the building as an expansion warehouse for its existing facilities in the region. Petra Kroupová (Logistické centrum Nýřany) said the company had considered moving to a bigger site “but at the same time we didn’t want to leave our warehouse right by the D5.” The decision was therefor taken to expand its operations to the new building Myslinka. P3 began construction at the site speculatively, but was still able to incorporate several key tailor-made requirements, including a permit to store car tires. Marek Kodr of 108 Agency (which acted for the tenant) said it had been challenging to find a hall near completion that matched the needs of its client. “Thanks to careful planning and collaboration with the development team, we were able to prepare the hall for occupation, including all the changes needed by the client, in record time.”

Stannah Stairlifts at CTPark Brno Líšeň

Stannah Stairlifts will ramp up production in Brno to enable it to supply its European customers from the Moravian capital. Stannah leased 6,000 sqm of space in CTPark Brno Líšeň back in March, but an additional 2,000 sqm is being added. The company plans to move all their European rail production to Brno within a year. It’s a significant move, since Stannah has been in the Czech Republic since 2007, specifically at CTPark Brno in Černovické terasy. CTP’s Jakub Kodr says the Líšeň park is being built on the former brownfield site of the Zetro complex. The park’s 1st phase will soon be completed and will offer up to 3,000 job positions. There’s still 1,700 sqm of available rental space left.

Velis scores new investment

The proptech software company Velis Real Estate Tech has landed a major investment from a group of international investors. The new funds are to be used to expand the company’s presence in the United States and in Western Europe while accelerating the development of its flagship Singu platform. Part of the deal includes a strengthening of management, as Pawel Malon and Marek Jakubow are coming on board. An experienced board of directors has also been put in place. Velis currently has over 350 enterprise clients for whom it provides facility and access management software solutions. “We’re on a journey to improve and digitize all aspects of managing real estate assets, and we’re just getting started,” said Adam Penkala, Co-Founder of Velis.


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