Petr Palička’s time at Penta ends as David Musil takes the reins

Published: 25. 06. 2024

Penta’s founding Marek Dospiva has paid his respects the outgoing managing director of Penta Real Estate. “Petr Palička came to Penta 17 years ago as an extremely experienced manager,” said Dospiva. “He built a company out of nothing that’s now a market leader, a company that’s changing the face of the city for the better, that constructs admired, award-winning buildings, and that’s a trusted partner for the city and public offices. There are few people on the Czech real estate market that have had such a career.”

David Musil, whose job it is to replace Palička, calls him “the best boss I ever had and one of my closest colleagues and friends. It was a real education and experience working together with him. It will be a challenge to set the bar even higher than where Petr left it, but I had the best teacher.”

For his own part, Palička thanked the Penta Group, saying he was proud to have been able to take part in the creation of buildings like Florentinum, Masaryčka, Churchill and Victoria Palace. “With the support of Penta, I was able to transform large zones like Waltrovka, Churchill square, the Masaryk station are and Vítězné náměstí.”

Musil takes over at Penta Real Estate at the moment when negotiations have begun with the City of Prague and Czech Railways about the development of land above the tracks at the Main Train Station.

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