Czechs & Slovaks have densest CEE coworking network

Robert McLean

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The Czech Republic has 8.7 workspaces per capita, the second highest concentration in CEE. Coming in first was Slovakia, which has 11.2 workplaces and Poland, where operators offer just 6.7 spaces per capita. Those are the results of new research from CBRE, which found that Hungary and Romania’s results were 5 and 4.3 space respectively.

On the other hand, just 1,800 sqm of the 85,000 sqm of flexible space expected to be built in the next two years is being planned in the Czech Republic. Overall, writes CBRE, more than 643,000 sqm of flex space has been built across CEE. “In this country, 103,000 sqm is available in modern office buildings, which is the highest total after Poland, which is near the 300,000 marker,” says Lenka Hrudiková a coworking specialist at CBRE.

She says that following the pandemic, building owners are increasingly taking responsibility for the creation of coworking space, either through cooperation with third-party operators or by creating their own brand. “Examples are Base by Penta, Clubco from CTP or the flexible office and coworking center in BB Centrum by Passerinvest,” says Hrudíková. “At the moment, 74% of operators are foreign and 26% are domestic. The coronavirus crisis strengthened primarily those operators that have a sufficient number of smaller serviced offices. They’re the ones that are now looking intensively for new space to expand their services.”

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