Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield to expand Centrum Cerny Most

Published: 11. 04. 2024

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield will extend Centrum Černý Most (CČM) by another 9,100 sqm in a project expected to complete by the fall of 2025. The additional space will result in 32 new stores, three VIP movie theaters and a brand-new food offering. Speaking at a press conference in the mall, which first opened in 1996, operations director Martin Makovec said that tenant demand was driving the investment. A lot has changed since URW completed the last major expansion completed nearly 11 years ago. Back then, he said “we couldn’t imagine customers would be coming to malls for good food and for entertainment.”

The food court today

Today, F&B is such a crucial element of the mix that URW can’t afford to close down the existing food court at CČM while construction gets underway. Instead, work has been planned so that it will only shut down and be dismantled when the new “Dining Plaza” is ready open with 22 restaurants. The name is important, because is no ordinary food court. Diners will eat from actual porcelain plates using steel utensils that will be washed and re-used. New outdoor seating is to be created. “Customers are looking for an experience,” says Makovec. “You have to be able to offer them the best possible food, entertainment and experiences.” Meals eaten on paper plates apparently no longer count as a dining experience — and throwing them out is terrible for your sustainable score.

Even CineStar’s successful multiplex theater gets an upgrade. The idea in this case is to add three new Gold Class auditoriums. They’ll offer upgraded services such as seating — with tables and a waiter. Popcorn, nachos and fake melted cheese are out. Sushi, mini-burgers and alcoholic beverages are in, along with a coatroom during the colder months. In addition to making a bit nicer place for a date, such screening rooms will also target the corporate event sector.

Karolina Šustrová, director of leasing and ESG said Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s extremely ambitious carbon-neutral program means that, for example, low-carbon cement will be used, saving 340 tons of CO2. Where possible, materials such as floor tiles will be re-used rather than thrown out. Air recuperation, water recycling, solar panels are all in the plans, while Šustrová says “we’re planning to install the most modern equipment and management systems that will meet the requirements of BREEAM in Use V6 certification at the Double Outstanding level.”

Construction will begin this month without closing down the rest of the mall.

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