DRFG building factory for Heraeus Medevio

Published: 02. 02. 2024

DRFG Investment Group has begun construction on a 2-storey production hall for Heraeus Medevio near Hradec Kralove. It’s a build-to-own brownfield project designed to create 4,100 sqm of production space along with 3,000 sqm of office and admin space. DRFG has acquired a neighboring piece of land to make future expansion possible for the client. Work got underway at the end of January in an an existing ČKD factory yards in Plotišti u Hradec Kralove. DRFG acquired the brownfield last year, which includes a PPL distribution center and a Pilsen Urquell warehouse. Vít Zdráhal of Cushman & Wakefield said “we’re glad that our long-term cooperation with Heraeus Medevio on solving their expansion requirements resulted in an ideal result: their own building located near their existing space.” The company produces specialized medical equipment.


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