Totem Bikes agrees to 10,000 sqm lease in Panattoni Park Týniště

Published: 27. 07. 2022

The Czech electric bicycle producer Totem Bikes has agreed to lease nearly 10,000 sqm in Panattoni Park Týniště. Roughly 9,300 sqm will be used for production and storage, with the remainder reserved for offices. Panattoni director Pavel Sovička says the deal comes ten years after the company began construction in Týniště nad Orlice and that Totem Bikes is also ten years old.

“We’ve felt the full force of the boom in demand for electric bikes, so we had to start looking quickly for a new hall that could handle the development of our company,” said Jakub Ryba, the managing director of Totem Bikes. Panattoni began the 16,000 sqm expansion of the industrial park last year to meet growing demand for industrial space. Sovička says his company currently has 650,000 sqm under construction, more than at at any other time in the company’s history.

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