3Things: Ganik on trial, P3’s German data campus, AFI finishes Tulipa Třebešín

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P3 Logistics Parks will develop P3 Datacenter Hanau, a major data center campus in Germany that involves at least eight data center modules and a building area of about 200,000 sqm. P3 will have to decontaminate the Großauheim barracks site, which has stood vacant since 2008, carry out its deconstruction and recycle the materials of the existing buildings. A connected load of 180 megawatts is planned for the data center campus. “The e-commerce boom and increasing teleworking are making it increasingly clear how important data centres are for all of us,” says Soenke Kewitz, P3’s German MD. “Without them, advancing digitalisation is not possible and the need to meet this demand with a green alternative is enormous.”

AFI Europe has completed the fifth and final stage of Tulipa Třebešín, which unlike the first four stages was built as a rental project. The 8-storey building offer 61 flats (1+kk up to 3+kk) that can be leased fully or just partially furnished. Tenants can start moving in as of this fall, said AFI’s sales and marketing manager Elena Pisotchi. “In addition to the 61 flats in our first rental residential project, we’re building more than 800 others under the AFIHOME brand,” she said. She confirmed the developer’s intention to focus exclusively on rental projects from now on.

Milan GanikMilan Ganik will face charges of fraud in court this fall in connection with CZK 300 million in subsidies for the Nupharo Park project near Usti nad Labem. According to Aktualne.cz, prosecutors claim Ganik and his business partner submitted false information about their level of solvency when making their application for state support. In the application, Ganik presented a loan contract for CZK 51 million from the Cyprus-based company Talmin. Prosecutors intend to prove that the money was never actually made available and that Ganik didn’t have sufficient funds (as required to qualify for support). Furthermore, they charge, Ganik said he’d spent CZK 61.7 million on the land for Nupharo Park for which he requested 50% through the subsidies. In reality, the land cost just CZK 21.5 million. Aktualne.cz writes that if found guilty, Ganik and his partner could face 10 years in prison. “I am convinced of my innocence and believe that my innocence will be clearly shown through an independent court,” Ganik told the news site.

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