Penta sells co-working center to Scott.Weber

Published: 04. 12. 2023

Penta Real Estate has sold a fully-leased co-working center to the market’s leader Scott.Weber Workspace. BASE is located in the Churchill office complex above the Main Train Station in Prague 2. The 2,200 sqm center offers eight meeting rooms, 25 offices and a community zone for up to 100 people.

“We’re always looking for new opportunities for growth, whether through acquisitions or organically,” said Scott.Weber’s CEO Adam Zvada. “BASE’s location, attractiveness and high level of services fits right into our own concept, so it was a logical choice. The market is consolidating as we predicted and our centers now make up 40% of the total offer.” Zvada said last year his goal is eventually to attain 50% market share.

Penta’s Business Director Pavel Streblov said the buyer’s extensive network gives it an advantage over independent operators as it can offer its clients significant flexibility. “That’s why rather than growing BASE in Prague, we decided to concentrate on our core business: the development of large projects in the wider center of Prague.”

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