CTP allies with ČEZ ESCO on huge rooftop solar panel investment

Published: 08. 12. 2023

CTP has teamed up with ČEZ ESCO in a strategic alliance to install more than 44,000 sqm of solar panels on many of the developer’s Czech industrial buildings. Eight locations have been chosen, which will result in annual production of up to 9,000 MWh. The first of the systems has already been built in CTPark Prague East in Nupaky on warehouses leased by Raben. The new power plant is currently in testing. Further installations are to follow in CTParks in Chrášt’any near Prague, Hradec Králové, Brno, Ostrava and Cerhovice near Hořovice. The two companies could extend their cooperation to other areas of energy production in the future.

“The construction of photovoltaic power plants is an integral part of the long-term and comprehensive sustainability initiative of our CTParks, which we design as energy independent,” says Jakub Kodr, Head of Business Development. “We are constantly looking for and then applying new and more efficient solutions that will contribute to higher quality and lower energy consumption in our buildings. We do this in line with our long-term solar plan, which aims to build a cumulative installed capacity of 250 to 300 MWp by 2030 in the Czech Republic alone.

“Photovoltaics can help Czech industry not only to reduce energy bills, but also to meet climate commitments, which in the case of CTP are extremely ambitious,” says Kamil Čermák, CEO, ČEZ ESCO. The Nupaky power plant should produce 1.94 GWh of emission-free electricity per year, which is enough to power 550 homes – or 964 tons of CO2 emissions. The energy is to be consumer locally, within the industrial park itself.


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