Crestyl’s Dornych project in Brno wins construction permit

Published: 15. 02. 2024
The developer Crestyl received a construction permit for Dornych, its major multifunctional project in central Brno. The project, part of an enormous push of investments that are changing the face of the city, will replace an old shopping center located next to the current train station. Its lower levels will offer shops and services while rental offices and flats are located on the upper levels. The project calls for the creation of a great deal new public space lined with several small buildings. “The construction permit is a huge milestone for us in the preparation of the whole project,” said Crestyl’s development director Jaromir Krb. “In connection with its being issued, we’re now in the process of choosing a contractor.” He said the closure of stores currently operating in the space wouldn’t take place until work was actually ready to begin.
Crestyl was able to announced its first major tenant: the EUC clinic which will occupy an entire 6,000 sqm building. “The health care group EUC has the largest network of outpatient clinics in the Czech Republic, so we’re glad they chose Dornych when it came to expanding in Brno,” said Lenka Preslová (Crestyl). “We’re negotiating intensively with other major tenants not just for the office space, but also the retail and we’ll soon publish some more names.” Key to the new project will be its F&B offering, which is to include a huge array of restaurants, cafes and bars — enough to fill roughly 5,000 sqm of space. The format is to be the market-style food hall that has proved a hit in cities like Warsaw. “This concept ends those debates about what kind of restaurant to go to because everyone at the table can choose what they’re in the mood for,” says Preslová.
The main architect for the project is the MTDI studio led by Marek Tryzybowicz together with the Brno-based studio Arch.Design.

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