Skanska used INNOVIS to improve security and efficiency

Published: 17. 12. 2023

Skanska, a global development and construction group with Swedish roots and more than 43,000 employees worldwide, is proof of how modern technology can be an effective tool in solving complicated safety challenges. The Czech Republic is one of Skanska’s important markets, where the company has been active since the 1950s.

Traditionally, Skanska relied on security guards to maintain the integrity of its construction projects. However, as its sites have expanded in size, this method was no longer effective enough. This problem was on display at the former PREFA concrete plant, where the company had to manage an isolated site with diverse neighbors and operations. The need for a more sophisticated approach was clear.

“We needed a system that would allow us to cover a larger area while respecting the privacy of our neighbors and at the same time preventing any unauthorized presence on our property,” says Kryštof Kratochvíl, PORT project leader at Skanska.

The solution that was eventually deployed was the SPACE remote monitoring system from INNOVIS, an advanced technology that monitors the entire facility and allows it to be controlled remotely from a single location.

INNOVIS’s Business & Project Manager Marek Čihák explains, “Our goal was to target the entry of unauthorized persons, especially the homeless, squatters and the like.” As a remote surveillance system, Space offers high-level level protection with significant cost savings of up to 82.5% per year. This solution protects property, minimizes losses and reduces crime through remote monitoring by a specially trained team of experts.

Thanks to the innovative approach of INNOVIS, Skanska succeeded in achieving:

-A significant reduction in the number of trespassers on the property

-An overall increase in security.

-A reduction in the costs of security guard costs who would otherwise have to be on present on site

Kryštof Kratochvíl (Skanska) confirms the solutions’ positive and is considering expanding the company’s cooperation with INNOVIS further, in particular for the Falcon camera system.

In the digital era, where technology is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of life, companies like Skanska are adapting and using these innovative solutions to improve their business. See how INNOVIS technology can contribute to the safety and efficiency of your business too.

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