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Published: 21. 03. 2024

Warehouse complexes are the center of logistical and commercial activities for businesses. Security and management are key priorities for them, influencing their efficiency, competitiveness, and reputation. The simpler the management, the lower the costs, and the more the business thrives. Add to this equation a more comfortable environment for employees and carriers, and at the end of the equation, you find technologies from Innovis.

So, what are we talking about? A camera system, automatic barrier, and the Log software application – solutions that Innovis develops to facilitate business for companies and make life easier for employees.

In the name of digitalization

Entry into many complexes is often conditional upon presenting documents and undergoing training in safety and fire protection rules in paper form, which newcomers must validate with their signature. As if that wasn’t enough, the gatehouse staff then direct drivers to the stored goods, and after loading, an exit check follows. Just imagine a complex that welcomes dozens to hundreds of cars daily, and just that amount of paper. In other words, you are building an unmanageable environment with daily downtimes, time-consuming record-keeping prone to inaccuracies and errors.

How to escape the paper trap?

It all comes down to the automation of steps and the digitization of records. Machines and simple software are deployed everywhere it’s possible to take the burden off of employees. Innovis installs AI-based camera systems in logistics and industrial facilities that can read license plates, recognize drivers, and which can reference them with various levels of entry and movement permissions.

If everything is in order, the automatic gate opens, and an LCD panel directs the specific driver to the designated sector in order to retrieve the goods. Everything is managed by a single Log application with an accurate overview of personnel entries, vehicle movements, and goods flow. The gatehouse staff only monitor and oversee the correct procedure. The result is smooth passage, satisfied customers, happy gatekeepers, a well-secured complex. How much paper does the whole process produce? None.

Smooth traffic at Coca-Cola HBC

Paper records, administration, and associated vices were the main reasons why one of the world’s largest bottlers of branded non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia in Prague’s Kyje, operating in 29 markets, started considering automation and digitization.

Petr Mařas, Asset Protection Manager at Coca-Cola HBC, says, “The result is a simplification of vehicle passage, acceleration of processes, and above all, the acquisition of accurate data, which serves for perfect planning of arrivals and visits. In addition, there is also an increase in security and more efficient management of the complex.”

“For the client, we have created a list of desirable persons in the complex for both drivers and pedestrian visits. At the same time, we have maintained control through physical security, because it has the ability on a tablet to verify entering persons with a photograph and allows photographing the cargo space of vehicles and recording everything in electronic form,” adds Štěpán Smolon, Project Manager in the Industrial Contracts division at Innovis.

Digital age revolution

Simple solutions based on simple principles are the recipe for business efficiency. Like it or not, the trend is relentless. The world is undergoing the fourth industrial revolution, where the physical and digital worlds are interconnected through artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and other technologies that simplify and optimize the functioning of companies and lead to the improvement of product and service quality. Those who miss the train will soon find they can’t survive the fierce competitive fight.



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