Dataligence calculates number of Czech investment flats

Published: 03. 05. 2023

There are 223,000 investment flats in the Czech Republic owned by roughly 71,000 owners, according to Dataligence. In a study for the Association for Rental Residential, the research group found that most of them are located in Prague and in the region of Central Bohemia. Using the Czech land registry, Dataligence director Milan Roček said his team found individuals who owned three or more flats, to determine how many units could be put on the market to rent. “We always remove one of the units because we assume the owner lives in one of them.” Additionally, just 30% of the units owned by the owners of two flats were included in the total. The total Czech residential stock is roughly 4.4 million units, of which one half are family homes and the other half are apartments. Roček says that on average, developers are building 15,000 flats per year, along with 18,000 houses. Dataligence calculates that assuming each unit lasts 100 years, it would be necessary to build 40,000 annually, just to maintain the total at 4.4 million.

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