Trigema acquires 51% of Cenová mapa ČR

Published: 03. 08. 2022

The investment group Trigema has acquired a majority shareholding in Cenová mapa ČR, the company that maintains the The website tracks transactional prices of real estate across the Czech Republic using official, public data provided by the Czech Land Registry. The company’s name has been changed to Dataligence s.r.o. and will be re-branded under the name Dataligence. “Our vision is primarily to increase the level of transparency of data on the Czech real estate market, that still isn’t very high and to simplify the process of working with the data by those who use it,” says Trigema founder Marcel Soural. “At the same time, we’re responding to growing demand for data analysis and services from a number of business clients and from individuals.”

It’s Trigema’s second investment in real estate pricing data, as it already owns the start-up Flat Zone s.r.o., which tracks the prices of individual apartments on offer from developers. Both data companies will continue to operate independently and develop their own business lines. However, part of the logic of the deal will be to combine the two data sets in ways that were previously impossible to develop a new product.
Vit Soural of Flat Zone says discussions began back in November, who says CenovaMapa’s data set is unique in the country.

“No other company has this kind of data,” he said. Other companies have transactional data that costs less, he says. “But from that you’ll never really know what the price is for” if the flat included a garage, parking, or a cellar, or if it was for just 50% of the flat. It’s very raw and very dirty.” By contrast, CenovaMapa buys expensive data that it then cleans to ensure they can attribute it to individual properties within individual buildings.


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